reducing the cost of family eye care
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reducing the cost of family eye care

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reducing the cost of family eye care

Spotted Vision From Retinal Detachment: Things To Know

Jayden Ramos

Does your vision seem to be becoming more spotted and blurry? You may want to see a specialist at a clinic like Coastal Eye Group PC as soon as possible in case the retinas in your eyes are becoming detached, which will require surgery that surgery is done. Find out in this article what you should know about retinal detachment so you can be prepared for what might happen.

What Is Retinal Detachment?

Retinal detachment is experienced when the retina of an eye begins to pull away from the retinal pigment epithelium due to an accumulation of fluid between the layers. The retinal pigment epithelium is attached to the part of the retina called the sensory layer. The more that the retina detaches from the retinal pigment epithelium, the worse your vision will become (possibly going completely blind). It is important for you to get your eyes examined to find out if you are simply suffering from astigmatism and need to wear eyeglasses; or need to undergo retinal detachment surgery. It is possible for you to experience sudden vision loss if the retina falls off completely.

What Is Retinal Detachment Surgery?

Basically, retinal detachment surgery is done to reattach the part of the retina that is falling off of the retinal pigment epithelium. The surgeon may perform a common procedure that is called a vitrectomy, which begins with you being sedated in order for vitreous gel to be suctioned out. After the gel is removed, the surgeon will remove scar tissue by using a tool to cut it or laser. Parts of the retina will be flattened if they are not scarred up, and then they will be pushed against the wall of your eye via silicone oil. Retinal detachment can also be treated through procedures called pneumatic retinopexy or scleral buckle surgery, which will be at the discretion of the surgeon.

What Does Retinal Detachment Surgery Cost?

Getting an eye exam to get a proper diagnosis for retinal detachment could cost as little as $5, depending on if you have insurance coverage or not. You should expect to pay at least $5,000 per eyes for a surgeon to perform to reattach a retina. The severity of the condition and type of procedure being performed will have an effect on the overall price. A complex procedure can cost up to $10,000 and up. Get your eyes examined to find out if you are seeing spots due to suffering from retinal detachment in one or both of your eyes!