reducing the cost of family eye care
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reducing the cost of family eye care

How many people in your family wear glasses or contact lenses? Having several people in the home that require contacts and glasses can really add up to a costly sum at the end of the year. So, how do you save money on the cost of all of the exams and prescription eye wear that your family requires? There are several ways to cut costs without skimping on the quality of care and corrective lenses that are needed. You can learn all about saving money for your family's eye care on my website. Without the information that I have compiled, I would not be able to keep my family seeing clearly each and every year.


reducing the cost of family eye care

Does Your Child Have Prescription Safety Glasses For Sports? Follow These Tips For Maintenance And Care

Jayden Ramos

Prescription safety glasses allow your child to see properly during sports. By helping your child take good care of his or her prescription safety glasses, you'll ensure that your child is able to participate in his or her sporting events safely and to the fullest extent.

Buy a Retention Strap

A retention strap will help your child's glasses stay on his or her face or, at the very least, on your child's body. Tight straps are helpful for younger children who are less coordinated and for children who participate in contact sports like football. For children who participate in low-impact sports and children who are likely to take off their glasses and leave them laying around, a loose retention strap that allows your child to remove the glasses but leave them dangling around his or her neck should be sufficient.

Use De-Fogging Solution

De-fogging solution prevents your child's glasses from becoming misty during games. The easier it is for your child to see out of his or her prescription safety glasses, the safer he or she will be during sporting events.

Inspect Glasses After Each Game

After your child wears the safety glasses for a game, test the glasses to ensure that they haven't become loose or broken during the activity. Ask your child to stand in front of you wearing his or her glasses. Ask him or her to bend forward and shake his or her head, then stand up straight and look at you. Properly fitting sports glasses should not fall off your child's face or fall down the bridge of the nose below the level of your child's eyes.

After making sure that the glasses won't fall forward on your child's face, have your child shake his or her head from side to side vigorously. If the glasses become crooked, this is a sign that the glasses are loose.

If your child's glasses fail either of these tests, take them to your child's eye doctor to have them readjusted and tightened as needed.

Get Your Child Invested

Your child's safety glasses are more likely to survive the sports season if your child is invested in their protection. When it comes time to pick out the glasses for your child, allow your child to choose the pair of glasses that he or she likes. Allowing your child to pick glasses printed with a desirable design or pattern or glasses with frames that are an attractive color will help ensure that your child likes the glasses and wants to see them kept in good condition.

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